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Some Of Our Work

 Rachel Decoste



Washington, DC. -- Black history enthusiast Rachel Decoste has published an audio book detailing her epic odyssey to Africa. Like most descendants of enslaved Africans, Ms. Decoste could not pinpoint her origins until technology evolved. Guided by a DNA test, she visited 5 countries in as many months – each country held a piece of her ancestry. In her own voice, Ms. Decoste recounts her journey with vivid imagery and humor. Her pan-African trek is peppered with unexpected twists and delightful discoveries. “Year of Return: a Black Woman’s African Homecoming” audiobook is released online, just in time for Black History Month.

 Norma Nicholson



Codi’s Adventures, Canada, My ‘Furever’ Home, 4th book authored by Norma Nicholson, is a children’s picture book.

Codi tells his story in his book: Hi, my name is Codi. I am a Canadian Citizen. This is my second book in which I tell you about my adventures since I came to Canada. I am so doggone excited, it is hard to know where to start.

 Tonya King


Behind the Windows of a Smile looks into the life of a childhood sexual abuse survivor. Through her story, you will learn how it happens, and how its effects ripple through the lives of its victims. Coming from a raw and vulnerable place, the author pulls back the curtain on abuse to take you on a journey toward healing and freedom. It provides a platform to open up the conversation about childhood sexual abuse and start the effective healing process that so many people need.

 Christi Scarrow


This book will help you to navigate conflict and make better decisions. As author Christi Scarrow points out, all of us have the opportunity to make decisions that count, whether in our professional or personal lives. To do so, we must become what Scarrow calls “Truth Warriors”. We must believe in ourselves, yet question our most firmly held assumptions and beliefs. We must know when to speak up and when to be quiet. In the end, says Scarrow, “making better decisions is about making your voice about our voice and your truth about our truth. Only then can we change the world.”

Warren Andrew Pinder


In Achieve-Men, you will learn the seven steps to achieving your dreams and goals.

Each of us is given a unique gift from God. But, unfortunately, we never give thought to this until we are faced with trials and tribulations. 

These can often tell the story of our character. We can be seen to be weak or strong depending on our reaction as to how we handle these matters.

Given the vision to share how the acronym of the word ACHIEVE can be used systematically in your day-to-day life to refocus your belief on achieving your goals. Though everyone can use it, I hope that young men will relate to the content and become motivated to achieve their goals. Take massive action daily and consistently!

The author uses his words to impact this generation of young men and the ages following. Yes, we say young men, but no matter your gender or age, this book is for you to do more and be more. He is passionate about mentoring young men.

Mr. Pinder is asking you, "What have you done to impact the world?"

 Pat Butler


It's August 1930, and storm clouds are brewing across Europe, heralding the rise of fascism and the upheavals of the Great Depression. Even so, these frightening realities can't stop 24-year-old Betty Harbert from making the most of her tour of the continent. Sailing from Montreal with her wealthy Aunt Barbie and cousin Win, Betty attends a Parisian finishing school, tours Europe twice, and spreads joie de vivre wherever she goes.

Based on a stack of letters written by the author's mother during her year abroad, this novel offers an exciting glimpse of inter-war life in some of Europe's great cities, through the eyes of a vibrant young woman who never failed to appreciate the magnificent world around her.

Whether she's riding around the English countryside in her date's Morris Cowley sports car, at the salon getting a Marcel wave, or touring the Louvre and the Tuileries Garden, Betty's great wit and warmth come through in every line of this account of her adventure abroad.


 Olayinka Ekenkwo



After having literally lived her first twenty years based on trial and error with no form of guidance, mentorship or sense of direction, Olayinka Ekenkwo blamed her personal family circumstances, environment and fate for her lack of fulfillment and often wondered what life held in store until she began to read in books that her future is in her hands. She took charge and personal responsibility, and her story and outlook took a turn for the most exciting events. Olayinka is now passionately committed to helping youth create a colourful and bright future.

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