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Podcast Intro/Outro

Have your Podcast stand out with a professional voice-over and royalty free music. Did you know the majority of podcasts are never heard?  
The main reasons are a poor first impression of the consumer’s perception that the podcast is unprofessional both in content or quality.
Intro & Outro:
At Thinking Audio we pride ourselves on professionalism. We produce a high-quality original Intro & Outro for your Podcast. You send us your script and we add a professional voice-over and royalty free music.

We produce professional audio podcast ads that showcase your product or service. We write the script, all you need to do is review it, make any changes and we do the rest. 

Send us your raw audio podcast. We will edit and produce a clean version for you to upload for your show. 


Podcast Editing

Podcast Audio Ad

Podcast Production

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