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Do you know that if your company places one call on hold every five minutes for only 30 seconds during a 10 hour business day, this translates to over 250 hours a year with people on hold.


This time should be used to bring information to prospects and clients while they wait.


 All too often, businesses use their music on hold feature to play the local radio station. The idea is to have music provide the neutral background filler while the callers wait. Sadly; commercials are what most hear. And in some cases, these commercials are an advertisement for their competitors! Imagine using your phone on hold system to promote your competitor’s products and services!


If your business does not have an On hold Message on your phone system this is what your customer or to be customer will hear ______________ .  


Here’s how to sell more products and services, improve your company image, solve problems and promote, educate, and motivate your clients.


Use your telephone on hold system to deliver your message to callers. With an On Hold Message you get the tool you need to:


(1) Sell more products and services faster. 

(2) Strengthen your marketing and advertising.

(3) Build your Company’s identity.

(4) Improve client relations.

(5) Lower caller anxiety by providing assistance to them while on-hold.

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